Emergency number

+49 951 966 80 80

Logistics. Comprehensive solutions
for our customers.

We are in control of all processes in freight forwarding and transport and develop comprehensive logistics solutions for our customers. Our team of logistics specialists take care of all storage and handling processes. Our logistics activities focus on sequencing automotive parts, inventory management in the plastics industry as well as supply concepts for the glas and paper industry.

Scope of services

  • Goods receiving and & shipping activities 
  • Warehousing
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Sequencing 
  • Packaging
  • Cross docking 
  • Spare parts management 
  • Distribution & dispatch control 
  • IT order interfaces (SAP and other) 
  • Online invating management  
  • Customs service 
  • Stock optimization


  • More than 58,000 m² of logistics and storage area 
  • High bay warehouse with 18,000 storage points
  • Automatic small-parts warehouse with 40,000 storage points 
  • Multi-Level warehouse with 1,500 pallet points 
  • Warehouse equipment for smooth handling 
  • Use of IT