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Elfleins eleven success factors

We're proud to play premier league together with our customers. Elfleins eleven factors for your success:


Right from the Start, we plan out all of the processes from A to Z. Our customer benefit from exact preliminary planning, smooth process flows, high utilization of our equipment and optimized processes. 


Elflein takes care of the transport and many further logistics processes. With our own storage facilities and state-of-the-art IT systems we offer a wide range of services such as packaging, picking, sequencing and online inventory management. 

Team spirit

An atmosphere of respect and trust strengthens collaboration. Problems are recognized and dealt with at an early stage. Our team spirit serves our customers' interests. 


At Elflein every employee is the playmaker in their own area of responsibility. This is hand in hand with a culture of independent thinking for which employees are willing and able to take responsibility. 


Expactations are growing at an accelerating pace in the field of transport and logistics. Elflein keeps it´s employees analytic level of knowledge with an award-winning system for staff coaching and ongoing training.


Short renewal cycles of the fleet require theoretical and practical training. We have our own instructors to regularly train our drivers about the latest techniques and methods for economic driving, securing loads and assistance systems. 


Our IT-supported dispatch, logistics and telematic capacity help you add maximum value to your business. 


We are continually expanding our expertise in the areas automotive, paper and food. One of the keys to sustainable knowledge transfer is cultivating long-term customer and employee relationships.


As experts we know that fast troubleshooting is one of the tools of the trade. We are planing for every assignment and stay professional in unforeseen situations. You can count on it.


At Elflein you have your own personal dispatcher and a pool of experienced drivers at your disposal. From an emergency phone number to Elflein's code of conduct – our staff is there for you always looking for the best way to serve you and your special needs.


A fleet of new vehicles with the latest aerodynamics and telematics allows Elflein to transport your freight in an extremely resource and CO2-friendly way with minimal maintenance and repair costs. Good for the environment and good for competitive prices.