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Sustainability. A rewarding challenge.

Elflein is a modern transport and logistics company that understands its responsibility for the environment and the sustainable use of resources. One of our main focuses in this area is the reduction of CO2 emissions. Since 1992 we have reduced emissions by 95 % – while the number of kilometres driven has increased.

Initiative 82

Our vehicles are governed and have a maximum speed of 82 km/h. Even so, the average speed has remained nearly the same. The fuel savings are considerable.

Aerodynamic vehicle optimization

We incorporate special manufacturer accessories and the expertise of our worrkshop to optimize the aerodynamics of the entire fleet of vehicles.

Driver training

FleetBoard, a telematics system that individually analyses the driving behaviour support our four company driving instructors. They regularly train our drivers about how to drive in the most sustainable way. 

Euro 6 emissions standard

We exclusively invest in vehicles of the latest emissions class Euro 6 for all our new acquisitions.

Young fleet of vehicles

Always at the cutting edge of energy-saving technologies: With an average age of just 2,3 years, our vehicle fleet is one of the youngest and most modern in the industry. 

No outdated vehicles

We replace our vehicles after five years of service. There are no “exceptions to the rule”; no vehicles with outdated energy consumption and emissions levels.

Lightweight aluminium construction

We ensure that our trucks and trailers have the lowest possible weight. Modern lightweight aluminium construction reduces both emissions and consumption. 


Elflein is a company that is authorized to operate so-called Road-Trains with 50% more volume capcity and plans on using these vehicles in its truck fleet. Expanding the load capacity makes it possible to effectively reduce congestion in metropolitan areas. 

Photovoltaic power plant

Our large-area solar power plant on our company buildings provide an important contribution to the use of renewable energy sources.