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As a modern provider of transport and logistics, we take responsibility for protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable consumption of resources. In doing so, we primarily focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Since 1992, we have reduced the emissions of pollutants by 95% despite our increased mileage.

Road Train

An efficient way of reducing the transport

ELFLEIN’s fleet includes 24 Road Trains. This significantly reduces the number of journeys,
the mileage and CO2 emissions.

2-axle megatrailer (24t effective weight)

Fuel saving

24 t of effective weight distributed over only two axles. Improved automotive technology significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Efficiency Truck

Aerodynamic efficiency focusing on effective weight

Reduced number of axles, fitting aerodynamic sides – ELFLEIN has three Efficiency Trucks with 3 to 5% higher efficiency compared to standard trailers.

Driver training

An important factor for sustainable fleet management

Economical driving methods aimed at reducing harmful emissions are an integral part of our driver training programme.