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Premier League
in transport
and logistics


Whether in administration, road transport, service, planning or logistics – we consider ourselves to be a strong team holding together and meeting the everyday challenges. We are looking forward to playing the Premier League by your side.



Teamspirit & -play

Team Elflein stands acts strongly together. There is no / No team success without supporting and guiding each other. Each of us takes responsibility for the task and the team.

Priority for customers

"Go the extra mile" - that’s our demand on ourselves when it comes to meeting customer needs. Our goal is to exceed the expectations. Own resources in transport & logistics ensure quality and success.

Dynamic through innovation

Timed to new things. Our growth and success are based on openness and willingness to change. With our solutions, we aim to be always one step ahead. Based on that, we take responsibility for society and the environment.

Middle class instead of mediocrity

As a family business, we have been successful in the market since 1932. We know what it means to tackle things pragmatically without losing our strategic vision.

Economic, sustainable, successful

A continuous, appropriate return on investment is the basis for the long-term success and the company’s crisis resistance. With respect to these aspects, we built up our cooperation with customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

Responsibility & Reliability

We take responsibility, make realistic commitments and keep them to our business partners and employees.

Your work in figures


driver trainings per year


team events per year


supplementary staff trainings


company smartphones and tablets


litres of free coffee per month...


Languages available:
German, English, Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Franconian and Saxon dialects


Operations in three European countries

Your start with us as ...

As a strong team, we are constantly looking for new talents. We offer attractive career prospects in the following areas:

Professional driver

Our professional drivers are driving specialists with strong managerial qualities. Using their driving skills, good orientation and technical competence, they transport valuable goods and meet the demanding challenges of today’s transport industry. In a safe, efficient and reliable manner.

ELFLEIN trusts you. I drive with premium equipment used for renowned customers. The responsibility makes me proud. I also like the good relations and spirit in the team.

Dimitri Dolguschin, professional driver


Our team of workers is represented by experts in automotive mechatronics working in our shop, as well as the forklift drivers and the pickers in ELFLEIN’s logistics centres. Every day, their performance and professionalism ensure that our customers’ goods reach their destination in time and as ordered.

Our customers entrust their products to our care. Nothing must go where it should not. Yet even in hectic moments, our team keeps calm. Everyone is well organized and we help one another.

Peter Richter, Bamberg warehouse

Administrative positions

Every minute, ELFLEIN moves thousands of tons of goods in all directions. The complex organization behind all that is mostly provided by our administrative staff – from coordination and deployment planning by our project managers and dispatchers to administrative tasks in accounting, human resources, information technologies and quality assurance.

Managing the complete fleet moving around the European road network brings new challenges every day. We all support one another here – especially at critical moments. It is great to see everything work as it should.

Stefan Reich,
Bamberg fleet

Trainees, students, interns, workers studying via distance learning

For decades, ELFLEIN has been a convinced supporter of vocational training. Professional driver, warehouse logistics specialist, sales assistant, sales agent for transport and logistics services – we cover a wide range of vocational programmes with a view to taking on their graduates. In addition to that, we remain open to interns and workers engaged in distance learning.

As a student in vocational education and training, I felt to be cordially welcome to the company from the very beginning". A fixed plan of my training takes me through all departments and it introduces me to all work tasks. Everything is perfectly organized, and I receive full support and assistance wherever I look.

Hans Wenzel,
student in Vocational Education and Training for Employment – Forwarding Services Business Specialist