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Innovations in transport

The continuous improvement of transport solutions and their adaptation to your specific requirements as a customer are among the key tasks of our company. We work actively for your benefit.

Special semitrailer with transport system

Time-saving automatic loading

The innovative semitrailer creates an interface between the supplier’s production and the recipient without the need to use a forklift.
The goods can be loaded automatically within two minutes using a chain conveyor.

Special vehicle with optimized height of loading space

100% more loading volume compared to a megatrailer

100% more freight transported per trip – by extending the maximum loading height,
the capacity of this special vehicle could be greatly increased.

2-axle megatrailer (effective weight 24 t)

Fuel and toll savings

24 tons of effective weight distributed over only two axles. Advanced automotive technology leads to lower fuel consumption and allows for more environment-friendly operation.

Semitrailer with a quick-opening tilt

Efficient loading

Change to a semitrailer corresponding to freight width in two movements. Smart innovations
The tilt opening saves time during loading and unloading.

Special Road Train

Minimized tyre wear

This Road Train, adapted to specific customer needs, only has one turning point. Effect: Less friction, less tyre wear.