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IT Innovations

Your individual requirements define the solutions, for which we use the latest technologies and
ambitious concepts.

Track & Trace

Tracking your shipments online

You can track the status of your shipment via ELFLEIN’s forwarding software. To ensure optimum transparency, you can track the vehicle using a computer or a mobile phone (application) 24 hours a day.


Automatic localization based on a trailer

Closely linked processes require comprehensive information. By creating geofences in defined zones of the process and using trailer tracking tools, ELFLEIN provides precise location data at any minute. You always know how many trailers are present in a given zone; you can also receive notifications if needed.

Disposition tool with an alert system

Track the movement of your shipment

Dashboard for all movements of your shipments. With ELFLEIN’s disposition tool, you have all the information at hand. Any delays or deviations are quickly identified and communicated by an automated alarm functionality.

Warehouse on Wheels

Movable supplies, efficient “truck-meets-truck traffic”

Thanks to efficient delivery concepts, we are able to significantly reduce your travel needs and your inventory and to ensure the most cost-effective transfer of ownership. By creating and organizing “truck-meets-truck traffic”, we develop a new potential for transporting your goods.