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Honorary award with the Daimler ELA 2020

The development and construction of a special and environmentally friendly long truck for the long-standing partner Daimler culminated in the award of the Daimler Environmental Leadership Award 2020. Through joint planning and preparation with the customer, the so-called "Rasende Frankenwälder" was created, which reduces CO² emissions by 32 %. With its three-axle truck chassis with body and centre-axle trailer, the vehicle weighs only 16 tonnes and can therefore load 6 tonnes more than a conventional 25-metre long truck. According to the trade journal Transaktuell, the "long truck of the future" now handles several transports a week between the Daimler plants in Ludwigsfelde and Sindelfingen. Due to the lower number of journeys compared to conventional equipment, consumption savings of up to 25% can be achieved.

Special thanks go to our loyal customers, with whom the project and the implementation of the "Rasende Frankenwälder" only worked together. The trust and commitment shown is of particular importance to Elflein. We would like to take this opportunity to officially thank our customer as well as the achievements of our business partners.