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The Elflein team participated in “schnellStelle.de”, a run of company teams organized in Leipzig.

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25 degrees, a beautiful sunny day and 18,000 participants: these were the conditions under which the Leipzig Company Run started on 6 June 2018. The event, which started with 900 participants back in the year 2008, has today become one of the major events in the whole Leipzig region. Elflein also participated with its team of 12 runners under the name “Strong 11”. The team achieved a decent result, which motivates us to improve further. Every finishing participant was able to celebrate at the after-run party. 

Participating in city runs has become a tradition at Elflein. Everything started back in 2013, with four employees taking part in the run for the world cultural heritage in Bamberg. Today, runners meet regularly at ELFLEIN’s locations and local events. This ritual receives active support from the company and enjoys growing popularity. 

Holding onto the motto of “Strong 11”, we want to keep the tradition alive in the future to support our staff relations and the team spirit!