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Truck 2030: Elflein as Freight Transport Pioneer of the Future

“30 percent in 2030” is the goal of “Truck 2030”, a joint project of industry partners and Elflein at the Technical University of Munich. This project has also been supported by the Bavarian Research Foundation and it is intended to significantly improve freight transport efficiency. Elflein has enriched the project with its know-how from the field of operational transport. Based on the data gained, the researchers from the Technical University of Munich and the East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg have searched for various solutions in order to achieve a realistic increase in freight transport efficiency under the “Truck 2030” project.

In addition to innovation, it was particularly relevant for the technology to be functional and suitable for practical use. The following results compare the 30% saving in resources related to freight transport by 2030 to the reality:

  • using long trucks with the potential of up to 20% saving
  • plug-in hybrid drive representing a connection between conventional drives and electromobility
  • aerodynamic driver’s cab
  • using intelligent loading and unloading concepts, incl. “paperless” administrative processing

Moreover, the trucks will be tailored for autonomous driving, thus reducing the driver’s strain and increasing traffic safety within 10 years. The successful completion and realistic result of the “Truck 2030” project form the basis for the following project whose partner is supposed to be one of the vehicle manufacturers. The results will; therefore, become a direct part of the medium-term development of vehicles.

Elflein is proud of the fact that the project is centred around the concept of long trucks further connected with the developed drives, aerodynamic vehicles and IT-aided processes. These are the areas Elflein is already actively involved in or whose implementation is currently underway.