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What is the required standard? Your goods must be delivered to the correct destination safely, efficiently, at the right moment, in the right condition and at the right price. To achieve that, we must combine four key factors – the fleet, the route, the rhythm and the reliability to create the optimal transport and logistics solution.


What makes the difference is our interest in innovations. In order to best meet your customer requirements, we methodically consider the key factors for transport and logistics. You benefit from solutions defining new criteria.

  • Latest automotive technology
  • Comprehensive logistics concepts and implementations
  • Smart software solutions
  • Individual vehicle modifications


Efficiency is our motivation

We have loading capacities, types of vehicles, technological processes and people to provide transport that matches you needs perfectly.

  • Qualified drivers
  • Special vehicles for individual applications
  • Special equipment
  • Latest automotive technology
  • Technical competence


Guaranteed delivery times for moving your goods

With ELFLEIN, you will always be informed of the current movement of your shipment – in real time and a well-organized way

  • Crisis management
  • Track & Trace
  • Disposition tools with alert system


The goal is to find the best way

The optimal route requires the infrastructure, logistical capacities and equipment to be combined. We are ready to help with that.

  • Creating new locations
  • Trailer yards
  • Internal and shuttle transport
  • Milk run systems


In sync with your flows of production and distribution

You define the rhythm at which we deliver your goods. When doing so, we take responsibility for the whole process chain.

  • IT-supported warehouse management
  • Inventory management
  • Sequential picking
  • Production-synchronized deliveries


With ELFLEIN, you are selecting a partner which has constantly been developing, for decades now, its competence in transport and logistics. We combine solid practical know-how with passionate motivation. It is the only way to constantly meet our goal and to exceed our customers’ expectations once again by presenting effective improvements and innovations.

Logistics concepts

Fastest adaptation
to your customer requirements

Transportation concepts

Ideas for new solutions
and greater efficiency

Many years of experience

Experience as the foundation
for better concepts

Project management

Fastest adaptation
to your customer requirements

Individual IT solutions

Interfaces for digitalization

Continuous improvement

Process optimization –
internal and external

Case Studies

Enthusiasm, experience and innovative power lead our way to individual concepts and implementations.
Get to know our performance and check out our model projects!

Transport for the automotive industry

Transport between plants and IT solutions

The car manufacturer entrusts ELFLEIN with their internal transport between their Leipzig plant and all their plants located in Bavaria.

Task definition

  • Organization and provision of approximately 80 freight transports per day
  • Efficient combination of transports


  • Securing the required number of transport units
  • Recruitment and training of drivers and administrative staff
  • Development of an IT solution for HR efficiency

Specific features

  • Managing a large number of new transports in a very short time

Transport of food

Special equipment and overall distribution

ELFLEIN ensures the complete distribution for a number of Germany’s leading food retailers, from the central warehouse to all markets within 200 kilometres.

Task definition

  • Organization and delivery by 20 trucks 24 hours a day
  • Calculation of routes to three central warehouse locations
  • Different temperature zones


  • Ensuring vehicle equipment according to the customer’s requirements, including temperature measurement
  • Development of a system to calculate remuneration
  • Creation of parking infrastructure for the vehicles
  • Driver training focused on complicated deliveries

Specific features

  • Provision of an Elflein contact person with her/his own office at the customer’s central warehouse

Sequential picking for the automotive industry

JIS transport, warehousing and customer care

Elflein ensures sequential component picking for the first (and leading) German supplier of components’at the manufacturer’s OEM assembly locations.

Task definition

  • Cross-border transport of more than 20 trucks per business day
  • FIFO-compliant reception and warehousing of goods
  • JIT sequential picking of 4,000 components per business day Shipping and precise sequential deliveries to OEM manufacturer


  • Collaboration of transport and logistics to ensure a reliable process in a multinational supply chain
  • Certification, process standardization and comprehensive training of employees
  • Creation of emergency concepts for all relevant major processes
  • Poka Yoke to ensure the right sequence
  • Continuous improvement to optimize the flow of material

Specific features

  • Elflein provides a complete multinational supply chain from the supplier to the customer
  • IT-supported Poka Yoke to ensure the right sequence