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ELFLEIN provides the subsequent processes of forwarding and transport. We develop comprehensive logistics solutions for you and have the storage and service facilities, the service portfolio and the teams required for professional implementation.

Concept creation

There is no success in logistics without variability. We use adaptive concepts to react proactively to your new and complex challenges.


The plan is the beginning of success

ELFLEIN will prepare a tailored logistics solution based on the quantitative structure, the required infrastructure and the staff available. As a provider of transport and logistics services in one package, we provide valuable synergies.


Completion of the plan

Our long-standing and experienced team independently translates the detailed planning of staff, equipment and facility deployment into practical operation.

IT management

Continuous flow of data

At all stages of the project, you receive transparent, up-to-date information on the status of your shipment. IT is an integral part of our services, and always compatible with your customer management systems and processes.

Logistics and e-mobility

Reliable partnership: Thanks to our comprehensive portfolio of services, our logistics operations contribute to your sustainable success every day.

Contractual logistics

Close to the customer

As experienced specialists in contractual logistics, we offer individual packages of services with maximum reliability. We offer support in the form of practical thematic solutions throughout the value chain.

Warehouse management

Comprehensive support for traditional logistics processes

Efficient warehouse management: Modern high-bay warehouses and traditional pallet or block warehouses are an integral part of our portfolio of logistics services – flexibility, simplicity and inventory management.

Spare part logistics

From gears to engines. Worldwide. 24/7

With spare parts, inventory turnover remains low but requires quick action when necessary. We are prepared for that when storing, picking, packing and shipping anywhere in the world.

Customs warehouse

Across various countries

Ensuring safe customs clearance is a natural part of our work. We have a regular customs warehouse at our Bamberg plant. As an authorized recipient and shipper, we will gladly arrange the paperwork related to international trade.


Good logistics mainly requires standardization, reliable processes and a transparent structure. By adhering strictly to our methodology, we keep our performance up to date.

Shopfloor management

Always at the point of value creation

We want to solve your problems in a sustainable and structured way. Our managers take responsibility on the ground; they manage the processes and respond immediately to any changes and new challenges.

Continuous improvement

Integral part of corporate culture

The PDCA learning and improvement process forms the basis of our approach to problem-solving. We check the effectiveness of all measures taken and use the findings to define new standardized processes.


Future-oriented approach

Logistics is a living process. It is becoming more and more intelligent. We are familiar with the changes on the market and use them for your benefit. Innovation workshops implement the theory in practice. Our management takes personal responsibility for that.

Storage and service areas

The challenges faced by your customers determine our choice of logistics locations. We currently have storage and service areas at the following locations.

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20,000 mof storage area
In-house logistics incl.
Supplies for body production


10.000m² Lagerfläche


Logistikhandling und Überseeversand

von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien


29.500 mof storage area
Logistics handling of lithium-ion batteries and components as well as operation of a test laboratory


20.000 mof storage area

Warehousing and supply

in the field of motor sports

Schwieberdingen EVZ

10,000 mof storage area

Warehousing and provisioning

from external supply center


7,000 mof storage area
Sequencing of JIT / JIS


15,000 mof storage area

Warehousing and supply

in the field of motor sports


4,000 mof storage area
Warehouse management incl.
Customs clearance

* Joint Venture Location