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Special equipment

The pressure we are exposed to as part of the industry intensifies every year. As a partner in transport, we see our role as lying in delivering the right transport solutions to your challenges and exactly how you see them. We strive to achieve this goal by constantly designing specific pieces of equipment for our vehicles to meet your requirements.

Automotive industry

Contributions to value creation in the leading industry

The fast-paced character of the automotive industry requires first-class performance at all levels of subcontracting. ELFLEIN’s special semitrailers are designed to offer maximum variability, flexibility and traceability – up until the production supply from the semitrailer, with no forklift and directly to the assembly line.


We are equipped for transporting particularly sensitive goods

ELFLEIN complies with the specific requirements of the food industry regarding deadlines, certification and hygiene. Our fleet includes the cooling and distribution systems required to work with the most renowned brands in the business.


Transport solutions suitable for the required materials and processing

In Germany, ELFLEIN has been a leading provider of during transport for paper producers and the printing industry for many years. We guarantee reliable processes to our customers thanks to our special semitrailers, which are specifically equipped to ensure the degree of protection and safety required for new paper, combined with vehicles featuring a sliding floor for the easy supply of recycled paper.