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Trucks – Toll Increase from 1 January 2019

Following the compulsory truck toll fees extending over all federation roads in July 2018 and lengthy discussion within the industry, the German Bundestag resolved to increase the toll rates as of 1 January 2019.

Based on this, the trucks are divided into three weight categories while the weight category above 18 tones is further divided into two subcategories of “3 axles” and “4 or more axles”. The toll is collected similarly to motorway toll and federation road toll, in the same amount for each kilometre travelled.

In the “3 axles” category, the toll fee is increased from the existing EUR 0.113 to EUR 0.173. In the “4 and more axles” category, the toll fee for 4-axle vehicles is increased from the existing EUR 0.117 and for 5-axle vehicles from the existing EUR 0.135 to a new rate of EUR 0.187.

Since the 4-axle vehicles amount to 80% of the Elflein transport vehicles, this adjustment in toll rates has a considerable impact on us. The investments in this equipment are mainly due to the Elflein’s customer structure and the related volume being transported. We have shared the toll savings, which represent a significant advantage over our competitors, with our customers. We will continue to endorse the investment in this equipment in 2018/2019, as the positive consumer impact will be maintained, also for Elflein customers.

Our customers also benefit from Elflein’s innovative business concept and timely expansion of our vehicle fleet with vehicles compliant with the Euro VI standard. Our 80% share of vehicles compliant with the EURO VI standard will; therefore, help maintain the toll fees at the lowest possible rate.

Should you have any questions, your existing Elflein contact partners are always at your disposal.